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Dear Reader,
Thank you for reading our lettingsletter.

Market Place

As we are all aware the market place has seen turbulent times putting the buyer very much in control, albeit only for those few buyers with large deposits. In recent months we have seen control swing back to a level playing field. Prices steadying, shackles on mortgage loans loosening and affordability of house prices in arms reach.

We do not foresee any significant change in house prices but, if any, a slight increase will be made due to new found confidence in the economy.

The Future

What have we been left with following the Olympics? Cynics and Optimists, we’ve heard them all. Everyone had an opinion on the Olympics. Our view is publicity is publicity and it was good publicity at that. If people liked what they saw or heard through the media or seen for themselves then Weymouth will become their destination in the future whether for a holiday home or business relocation it can only be positive for the local economy. We notice great loyalty and long habit forming from people so as long as the town moves sympathetically with its heritage whilst capturing the interest of a modern place by the sea then we will not have wasted the opportunity that was given to us..

Wilson Tominey

We at Wilson Tominey are ready, well equipped and eager to join you on your journey. Whatever your property needs we look forward to your custom.

Best Wishes
David Tominey

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